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"It’s easy to grasp for it, isn’t it? 'Where is it? What is it? I want to understand it. I want to know about it. How can it work for me? How can I utilize it?' But it doesn’t come upon us through the grasping of it, through the striving for it, and through the struggling for it. There’s no merit gained through wasted effort, through excess struggle. There are no merit points for the people who drove themselves the craziest along the way to self-realization. For most people it’s so obscure that it seems very intuitive to grasp and to struggle instead of relaxing, not grasping, letting something come to you, letting the truth of your being reveal itself to you on its terms, in its way, letting it happen.

It will happen. It’s always happening. It’s always trying to show itself." ~Adyashanti

Takk for en fin blogg :-)

Årstein Justnes

Takk så hjertelig for dette, Uwe! Flott sitat.

Hyggelig å se ditt navn igjen.


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